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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sanjevani's Sleaze

In our first non-Bhat related blog we want to bring to you some sleaze courtesy Sanjevani.

We do not know whether the Kanchi seer is indeed involved in the murder he has been accused of. We also do not know whether he was/is involved romantically with any women. We will wait for all the facts to come out. We will wait for the courts to give their verdicts. If we have to keep waiting... we will keep waiting. But some newspapers just could not wait. If there is a hot pile of cowdung, of course that needs to be served. And Sanjevani (an evening newspaper in Karnataka) did just that.

We don't want to comment much here. Just take a look:

We have many other examples. But the entire staff of 108 Sullu HQ is disinterested in peddling this sleaze any further. Even for the sake of analysis and commentary.


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