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Friday, September 30, 2005

Bet On Bhat?

In Mr.Bhat's recent article, he writes about an incident which he says happened in the life of the Telugu writer Yendamuri three years back while the Telugu movie "Rudranetra" was being shot.

There is one small problem; Rudranetra was released sixteen years back in 1989.

Does it make any difference in the matter being discussed by Mr.Bhat in his article? Most definitely not. But, many readers use the newspapers as references. Suppose, based on Mr.Bhat's article, a reader who is not familiar with the Telugu films bets that Rudranetra was indeed shot just three years back, she may not win. So, does this error make any difference for the reader? You bet it does.

More importantly a reader who is well aware that the movie was indeed released sixteen years back may start wondering what else could be factually not right in the article thus questioning the credibility of the writer.

Note: The entire staff of 108 Sullu HQ recently exchanged a few e-mails with Mr.Bhat. He was quite kind towards us. In fact he even wrote a very positive editorial about us. This is especially remarkable considering some of the things we have written. We thank him for that.


Blogger sudarshana said...

Mr. V. Bhat had promised some of the fans of Shri Shivaramu, the late kannada writer (whose Aatmahuti is still one of the book always in demand) that he would write a memoir on him (Shivaramu.) My friends sent him a lot of materials as background information. But he is yet to write one. I am writing this as today I saw his column, wherein he blames himself and other journalists for their irresponsibility!! I also mention that he too contributed to the purse collected for Shri Shivaramu's daughter's marriage. But this promise as editor Bhat is yet to materialise.

Oct 31, 2005, 9:39:00 AM  

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