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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's All Relative...Even The Truth

The entire staff of 108 Sullu H.Q. recently found this particular article by Mr.Bhat. It's about .. among other things, Albert Einstein. And... you guessed it! It has many things which seem to have no basis in facts.

Due to a bit of sloppy writing, Mr.Bhat leaves the impression that Einstein got the Nobel Prize for his theories on Relativity and E=mc2. Actually, the Nobel committee cited Einstein's work in photo-electric effect in awarding him the prize.

Mr.Bhat writes that Einstein had received "ranks" (high honor) in both mathematics and physics. In truth, due to his some what brash personality, Einstein's professors did not particularly like him. Forget about high-honors, he barely managed to get his diploma.

Mr.Bhat writes that after graduation Einstein worked as a waiter in a restaurant (hotel) and eventually got the position of a college lecturer through a customer.

Here is what Wikipedia says:
Upon graduation, Einstein could not find a teaching post, mostly because his brashness as a young man had apparently irritated most of his professors. The father of a classmate helped him obtain employment as a technical assistant examiner at the Swiss Patent Office
Mr.Bhat further writes about Einstein begging the hotel customers for tutoring assignments and being an object of ridicule for such an abject behavior. According to Mr.Bhat this behavior even led to the termination of his waiting job once the hotel owner knew about it.

If these events did in fact happen, there seem to be no records. None of Einstein's biographies mention anything of this sort.

Mr.Bhat also writes about Einstein in desperation throwing all his certificates, awards and notebooks into a bin in front of his house.

Again, no such incident seems to have happened in Einstein's life.

By the way, Mr.Bhat had earlier written about a similar incident in the life of famed British journalist Sir Harold Evans. We had blogged about it. Then as now, there seem to be no records to indicate that the incident did indeed happen.

Due to a bit of careless writing --in our opinion-- Mr.Bhat leaves the impression that Einstein was working as a lecturer in a local college when he first wrote about Relativity. It is not right. It is very well known that he was working in the Swiss Patent office at that time.

In the entire article Mr.Bhat does not mention Swiss Patent office even once. However, Einstein's working in a hotel gets many paragraphs. Why? Is it because working in a Swiss Patent office does not fit well with Mr.Bhat's inspirational narrative of people rising from really dire conditions? We at 108 Sullu World H.Q. do not want to speculate. At least, not this time.

As the saying goes, we report, you decide.


Anonymous ganjur1 said...

I don't understand why this Mr Bhatt writes articles on famous people without bothering to make a cursory check at the facts. Does he not know that a lot of people know about Einstein and if the facts are not right that he could be exposed? Or, does he think Kannadigas are very dumb.

Nov 8, 2005, 6:06:00 PM  
Blogger Sanjaya said...

Dear Ganjur1,

I too am not sure why he does what he does. My guess is he wants to tell a good story to his readers.

Thanks for the comments.


Nov 8, 2005, 7:43:00 PM  

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