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ನೂರೆಂಟು ಸುಳ್ಳು (nUreMTu suLLu)

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

That Was Then.. This Is Now

In July 2005, Ravi Belagere wrote the following about AIDS.

Clearly at that time, for him HIV and AIDS were just spectres created by countries like USA. (You can find our comments about that article here.)

Now it is December 2005. Mr.Belagere feels that Kannada movie stars are not doing enough for the people afflicted with AIDS and HIV. He even laments that he hasn't been able to read a single anthology of Kannada poetry on AIDS/HIV!

Has Mr.Belagere changed his mind on this?

Is The Half Empty Glass Half Full?

It appears somebody in Times of India doesn't like vitamin D. On Wednesday, some US scientists released a report claiming that high doses of vitamin D could reduce the risk of some common cancers including breast cancer, ovarian cancer and colon cancers.

This claim was reported by the news media virtually all over the world. From CTV in Canada to The Daily Telegraph in Australia carried this story. And virtually all of them had the same title. Except The Times of India. See below:
The TOI sourced its report (with a New York byline) to BBC News online edition. The BBC News report has more than 20 paragraphs. Out of them, only one paragraph (the 11th one) mentions about the risks of taking too much vitamin D. For some reason, this paragraph caught the eye of the TOI news people.

The TOI report has 6 paragraphs. Two of these (the 1st and the 4th) talk about the dangers of too much vitamin D.

Curiously, this Reuters report does not even mention the dangers of taking too much vitamin D.

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